Nov 24, 2012

The Shape of Things

Sorry for the lack of updates, been dealing with some personal things that you're probably not interested in because you came here to find out about my books. I assume. I mean, I guess you could just like my name... or something...

Book 3 is nearly done with Phase Three of beta (that's the final phase). I figure that since I'm so late already I'll go ahead and set the release date for December 9, the one year anniversary of Wind-Scarred. Because, as a math major, I'm contractually obligated to like symmetry.

And here's a promotional video for my upcoming release:

Of course, this offer is open to any and all of you who have reviewed my books. Just send me a message, let me know who you are, and I will give you a copy of Child of Lightning and put your name into a song. And anything else that I may or may not have promised to do...

Finally, sales figures for last month. I sold a grand total of 19 copies of book 2, Water-Seer. I also got the chance to meet Patrick Rothfuss in person at his San Francisco book signing...

...and picked up a copy of his charity calendar, which brings the total donated to Worldbuilders so far to $208! That's like one and three quarters goats!

So, to everyone who purchased a copy of Water-Seer in October, thank you. You and me, we're making the world a better place.

Thanks again for reading, and sorry for being a lazy bum. Pass the video along if you feel like it. Or, you know, whatever.