Feb 3, 2014

Another Year of Worldbuilding

Worldbuilders ends tomorrow. I just posted my last set of pledges, and I'm feeling pretty good about it.

You see, every year I donate all the profits from my book sales to Worldbuilders, because Pat Rothfuss is awesome, and because Heifer International is awesome, and because helping them out makes me feel pretty awesome too.

This time around, that came to just over $2,530.00. I know, not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but hey, it's just over double what I brought in last year.

When I think about how The Will of the Elements started - as a story that I told my fiance every night while we were a state apart - it kind of boggles the mind. I mean, that's like 5 cows and 5 water buffaloes for people who need them in 2 years. 

From a story. 

That I related over the phone. 

Two hours at a time.

You know what? That does feel kind of awesome.

So, to anyone out there reading this, thank you for taking a chance on my books. Thank you to the people who reviewed them, to the people who recommended them to friends and family, and to the people who kept me having fun along the way. And thank you for helping to make the world a better and more awesome place.

Wow, that sounded kind of final... don't worry though! I've got stories and surprises aplenty to come. Maybe I'll even post something more than once every six months!