The Will of the Elements Series

(Book 1)

    Ezra Hawkins is going to change the world.

    Although, honestly, there isn't that much world left to change. After the Great War that nearly destroyed the Earth, mankind has been reduced to a single city: Sanctuary. Hidden from the ravages of the world, the last scions of humanity have eked out their existence through hard work and ingenuity, managing survival, maybe even a little happiness.

    But Ezra Hawkins, last heir to the legacy of wormhole technology, will show them something that no human in over a thousand years has known: Hope.

    This is a story of science against magic, of people who can bend the elements to their will and the shadowy forces that police them. And most of all, Wind-Scarred tells the tale of a young man desperate to learn the true nature of the past, and of a planet that has its own ideas about the future.


(Book 2)

Ciela de Leon never wanted attention. It's a pity no-one asked her.

Forced to begin her pilgrimage by the Temple of Life, she must become a water-seer or die trying. But when something precious is stolen from her, Ciela must fight alongside a group of terrifying mercenaries to get it back. Now everything she thought she knew about the world is thrown into doubt, and the questions just keep piling on. Who is Ezra Hawkins? What are the Children of Lightning plotting? How do waffles fit in to any of this? And if that wasn't bad enough, she may just be falling in love with a mysterious warrior who knows far too much about life and death. There's also the off chance that she's destined to save the world.

In this exciting sequel to Wind-Scarred, Ciela must fight to discover the secrets hidden just beneath the surface, or be washed away by the tides of fate. Time is running out...

Child of Lightning
(Book 3)

Kirsten O'Donnell just wanted to do her job.

Now, the whole world's gone crazy. People are vanishing from Sanctuary, a secret war is being waged in the shadows, and none of the facts are adding up. As if that weren't enough, it's also beginning to look like someone wants to destroy the planet.

In this exciting conclusion to The Will of the Elements, Kirsten is sent hunting for answers as she tries to discover what exactly Ezra Hawkins has been up to.

The Children of Lightning are on the move...


  1. Just to say - reading the first one through a PDF on Smashwords. But how to get hold of the second? I can't find one on Amazon that isn't on Kindle - I don't have a Kindle...
    M. x

    1. Hi M. x, thanks for giving the first book a try!

      I believe that book 2 is also available through Smashwords at Unfortunately, it looks like Apple and B&N haven't posted Water-Seer just yet... but it did take them about a month to get Wind-Scarred up, so I'm sure it'll get there eventually.

      If you still have trouble getting the book, let me know and I'll see what I can do to send a copy your way.

    2. obviously you have a computer, and kindle has a free download for PC or MAC. Once downloaded, buy the second book...its great!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed both books so far. Is there an idea yet when the next book will be available?

    1. Hi Brandy,

      Thanks for dropping by! I guess I should post some kind of update about that, huh? Early-to-Mid-August is what I'm aiming for, the book's fully outlined, broken into chapters, and 1/3 written as of now. Glad you've enjoyed it so far!

  3. Loved the stories! 4 days for the first two books - and that's with 3 kids. August is forever. Have you read Piers Anthony's books? Have to say you're easily as good at making me love your characters. Read everything he wrote years ago, but haven't read anything except Deborah Geary (who's books are a little light) that I wanted more of so much. Please please write. And thank you for letting us read your stories!

    1. Of course I've read Piers Anthony! I grew up with A Spell for Chameleon and The Source of Magic, and On a Pale Horse was very clever.

      And to be honest, I'm just happy that people are reading and actually enjoying my stories. So thanks for giving them a try!

  4. My mother got Wind-Scarred on our kindle and I stole it while I was sick about a week ago. I had nothing to do but lay in bed and read, your book was my 5th and completely my favorite!
    I really want to read the 2nd book Water-Seer but its not free on the kindle. Ill buy it on September 3rd though because its only 4$. Well, 3.99$ but thats just silly. Stupid penny.
    Cant wait for your 3rd book!!! I love your personality, both in your books and in your blogging. Totally making Apple Pie.

    Have you read Anne McCaffrey - Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, Dragondrums ? 3 book series. Its my all-time favorite. (I might have dragonsinger and dragonsong backwards, I always forget which is first)

    1. Growing up, I read every Dragonriders of Pern book they had at the library at least twice. So yes, I've definitely read the Harper Hall trilogy.

      I'm glad you liked the story, and I hope you enjoy book 2 as well. Thanks for taking the time to drop by and let me know, I really appreciate it.

  5. I loved the first two elements books. I'm waiting for Child of Lightning to be available for the Nook. I hope this is in the works?

    1. Yep. In fact, last time I checked, I believe I saw it up there... yes! Also... the cover isn't displaying correctly on the book's page. I should fix that... anyway, here's the link, hope you enjoy it!