Dec 10, 2011


Thanks for taking a chance on a new author.  I hope you felt strongly about the book.  If enough of you hate it, maybe you can convince me to stop writing book two before I inflict my words upon you a second time!

Then again, there may be some poor souls out there who enjoyed the book and actually want to find out what happens next...  I guess they can say something too.  You know, if they feel like it.

Thanks again, and I hope you  had at least a tenth the fun reading it as I had writing it.


  1. Have considered having characters in your books based on reptiles? Or if not, maybe a possum. This area is largely unexplored. Please consider it.

  2. I brought my hands to my mouth, fingers gingerly touching my teeth as I verified what I already knew. "Slicers, dicers," I mumbled to myself, "grinders, chompers... a regular cuisinart..." In horror, I opened my eyes and inspected my shaking hands. "God, no," I whispered, voice coarse. "Opposable thumbs too. I've become... a were-opossum!"


    On a more cold-blooded note, however, I've begun to lay the groundwork (i.e. came up with an idea) for an urban fantasy series which will incorporate the following ideas.

    A main character who works at a zoo.
    Wizards versus supernatural creatures.
    String theory.

    Oh yes, there will be reptile shapeshifters who know the value of some good theoretical physics. Did you hear that? It was the sound of things getting cranked up to eleven (dimensional).