Jul 1, 2012

The story so far

Book 3 is coming along pretty nicely. My wonderful wife is making up the cover art. At least, when she's not playing Starcraft 2 and being wildly entertaining. (She talks to the units and scolds them for not doing what she thinks they should be doing. And she doesn't realize that she's doing it. It's adorable.)

I'm still trying to cut down on the smiling. And eye rolling. My characters were apparently smiling and rolling their eyes non-stop in the last 2 books...

But a nice, solid 18k word day, including some massive reorganization of the timeline. I played it pretty loose with that in book 2, especially toward the end... trying to avoid hand waving and misdirection this time around. But yes, the three point of views have finally split into their own stories, so I can literally do whatever I want to them and NO-ONE WILL KNOW. MWAHAHHAAHAH!

Ahem. That is to say that yes, the story is actually on track. Not that I ever doubted that it would be. Nope. Not even a little bit...

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