Oct 12, 2012

Promises, Promises

So apparently I'm bad at posting updates. Also, keeping promises.

So here's what's going on: For the last third of this year I'm donating 100% of my book profits to Patrick Rothfuss's charity, Worldbuilders.

As such, I'll be posting my sales stats to keep myself honest.

Source Units Sold
Amazon 28
Barnes & Noble 10
Ibooks 2
Smashwords 1

So 41 sales of book 2! I'm not counting book 1 because it's free.

We'll pretend I make $3 off of each of those sales (it's actually a little less, but who's counting?). It comes out to $123 for the month of September. So congratulations to everyone who bought book 2 last month! You've helped make people's lives better.

Oh yeah, I'm also still writing a book, huh? Well, the good news is I finished it, and finished editing it. The bad news is...I didn't like it. So I've cut out the parts I had problems with and am now rewriting large swaths of the book.

Alright, it's only about 7 chapters, but I like the word 'swath'.

You'd think that I'd have learned my lesson about promises, but I can safely say that this book will, in fact, be finished.

So thanks again for reading my books and dropping by my blog. I'll keep you posted.

Darn it. Promises.


  1. I just stumbled upon your books a while ago, and I really liked them, so thanks for a very entertaining story! It's a shame so few people have heard about them, but I should thank Amazon's recommendation system for bringing them to my attention!

    Also, I won't lie, your covers are great for an indie book, and that is probably part of the reason I bought them without really thinking or knowing the story in the first place. Call me old-fashioned, but I still judge a lot about a book by its cover, even an e-book ;)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Honestly, I'm thrilled any time I hear that someone actually enjoyed my books, and I know my wife is tickled pink to hear praise for her covers.

      I'll have an update about the status on book 3 (hint: it's done) later on this week. Thanks again for taking the time to let me know what you thought!