Apr 2, 2012

B is for ...


Aren't betas awesome? You get to see content early, get to help with the creative process, get to tell lazy authors that breath and breathe are actually two different words and that no-one likes the phrase "gaping like a fish"...

So my hard-working beta readers are probably diligently working their way through my second book, pointing out how I shouldn't *spoiler* or *spoiler*, and that the relationship between *spoiler*, *spoiler*, and *spoiler* is incredibly unrealistic, especially when they end up in the *spoiler* without any *spoiler*, what with all the heavy breathing and barely concealed *spoiler*. Considering two them are women and all. So in honor of their noble sacrifice of time and energy, I'll share some of my current beta experiences.

Tera Online
This game is a lot of fun. Now, I've been into the MMO scene since high school, back in the days of Asheron's Call 2, and I WoW'd with the best of them for a disturbingly long time. Tera is nothing like those games.

If you like MMOs, like action games, and are not averse to scantily clad women who always adventure in stilettos, check this one out. The gameplay alone is fun enough to keep me playing for a little while, at least.

But maybe you didn't like anything about Tera. Maybe you want a sci-fi shooter MMO that's free to download and play. Well then, do I have a game for you:

I can't really tell you anything about firefall, due to the NDA... But you know what? I have a couple of beta keys here, so if you'd like to check it out, let me know and I'll toss one your way.

Consider this line a clever closing statement about betas.


  1. Hi Sky, didn't realize you were doing the A-Z this year as well. I'm grateful to be a beta reader for Water-Seer and will be getting some notes to you soon. It does not disappoint for sure!

    1. Glad you're enjoying it! And yeah, I figured that since I was writing a post for a letter anyways, I may as well do the whole thing. Because, you know... that makes sense...

  2. You rock! I have to show one of my kids this post!


  3. I seem to be everyone's favorite betareader. Probably because I'm constructive, positive, yet honest. It was a little scary sending out my stuff to other betas, but I'm so glad I did.

    Ever consider turning off your captcha/word verification? It's like trying to get three cherries in a row on a slot machine.

    1. I didn't actually realize it was on, thanks for the heads up!