Apr 3, 2012

C is for...


Cats are weird. Well, maybe it's just that my cats are weird. People like cats, right? Well, here are mine:


He has far too much energy. And he chews on things, wags his tail when he's happy, always moves at a run, and rolls around on his back waiting for tummy rubbings every day when I get home. Yes, my cat is actually a dog. He even tries to eat like one... and then pukes when he gorges himself. This happens nearly every day.


She's a pretty cat. Do you see those eyes? Yeah, they're different colors (blue and green/gold). Astrid is a cat's cat: she sleeps all day and only shows any affection when she wants something. Of course, normally what she wants is attention... and she normally wants it when I'm busy. She will jump on the back of my chair and body slam my head while I'm playing video games, grab my arm and gently nip my elbow while I'm writing... She's also incredibly quiet, unless she and Hiccup are fighting. Then she screams like a banshee.


  1. Yay cats! They sound so cute.

    I have an odd question. Is Astrid deaf in her left ear? I've heard white cats with blue eyes are deaf, and oddly if they have only one blue eye, they'll be deaf on that side.

    1. I've also heard that blue-eyed cats are often deaf, but as far as I've noticed Astrid's hearing is just fine.

  2. Your cats are adorable--yet totally different in looks as well as behavior. Gotta love them while they spend their time on earth with you. I shure mourn the loss of mine.

  3. Your cats are so cute! The difference in their personalities is amazing.

    Just A Nice Girl

  4. It's a good thing you have Hiccup to give you the affection Astrid denies you. Cute cats!